Raquel Zimmerman has an exceptional presence and is a bit of a master chameleon. Showing the bloopers in this long version makes the entire commercial so endearing.

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45 Responses to “RAQUEL + DIOR”

  1. Monse

    There’s a Zara shirt with you face on it!! You are incredibly stylish and stunning all the time. Congrats!

  2. Gosia

    She is wonderful ! One of the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen πŸ™‚

  3. Mickey Lynn Jewelry

    Wonderful post! It’s very interesting to watch behind the scenes of a fashion video, as opposed to “Hollywood production”…it was such a treat to see!

  4. Jane S

    I think this should be the commercial rather than the neatly editted version. Much more interesting and unique.

  5. skin care shop

    Makeup changes everything, moreover she is Raquel Zimmerman!! Absolutely stunning lady. I like brazil because of her and football team…

  6. Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie

    Whoa, that is really transfixing.

    I like how it’s somehow sad, insightful and smart – all at the same time. The line about writing your own lines is really thought-provoking.

    Is it ok to be in a play, as long as it’s YOUR play? I guess, as Shakespeare would say, all the world is truly just a stage.

    Even her bloopers are meaningful in ways. Like how she says “as long as you write your own lines” – and then says “what’s my line?”. Very very interesting. Will have to watch this one a few times.

    Great, unique post.


  7. Kariann Landsverk

    Hei, jeg tok noen bilder fra bloggen din. HΓ₯per det er greit. Du har sΓ₯ utrolig stil. SΓ₯ gjennomfΓΈrt og spennende. Elsker det !

  8. Nora

    I love the imperfections of this video, its like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Its not perfect and rehearsed, its raw and very real.

  9. Drica

    Of course, it’s always the same girl because she is the best, Raquel Zimmerman from Brazil.