I am spellbound just looking at Gwyneth‘s hair. I wish my hair could take chemicals better so I could do this without destroying it. Impressively enough, Gwyneth Tang did it herself. I love it!

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  1. Rachel

    I have been trying to get the cotton candy blue. I love it!! How did you mix this and with what?

  2. prutha

    love it!!!! and especially coz she has color coded her clothes to her hair…. totally awesome shot too

  3. Alice Bergmann

    for et spennende hår! har lagt merke til henne i paris´ gater, elsker at hun henter litt igjen av fargen i håret, i skjorten hun har på!

    interesting and funny girl, with a great style!

  4. Lena

    Same “hairproblem” with me – too fine. But I tried the ombre hair thing (no: after I died it green at the bottom, the dye was washed out and the hair got lighter), which is okay as it´s only at the bottom.

  5. Jessica

    Aw I wish my hair wasn’t so fine! I have a hard time dying my hair any other color but black. Looks great

  6. Shini

    Looks this amazing because of the amazing composition and the moment you caught, the pose, the expression and how the hair falls… perfect!

  7. JV

    Color is so beautiful! I guess it’s not very easy to do. I haven’t even dyed my hair at home, only in hairdresser. Now I just have my own hair color.

  8. Peta

    LOVE it!! I wish I was bold enough, brave enough to have hair like that. It suits her perfectly and I love how the blue ties in with her shirt also.

    Great photo Hanneli. The lighting is perfect.


  9. carol

    it’s really pretty but I hardly think she’s not doing major damage to her hair. lifting asian hair to get it to become almost blonde white takes a lot of peroxide, a lot more than brown hair. trust me, I’ve taken my hair to a caramel before and it took a long time to get my hair back to normal.

  10. Augustine

    Nice! I love the touch up of the blue hair matching with the shirt….. amazing!!!! OMG!!!!! SUPER LOVE IT!!!!! EXTREME GOOD!!!!! SUPER DUPER CUPER GOOD!!!!!!!!! THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!