I was asked by Rag & Bone if I would like to be a part of the DIY campaign alongside Abbey Lee Kershaw, Karolina Kurkova, Miranda Kerr, Carolyn Murphy and Sasha Pivovarova. I got a bag of clothes and a small point-and-shoot camera to shoot myself. I brought the bag with me to Europe for fashion month and shot in between shows and work. I liked doing them, and I love the fact that they are very real and raw. Check out all my images here.

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122 Responses to “RAG & BONE + HANNELI”

  1. Julie

    Hei! Jeg lurer også på hvor de platform sneakers’ene kommer fra, de va utrolig kule, men umulig å finne i butikkene enda. Forresten så var bildene helt rå! Du får det til å se så enkelt og vakkert ut, nydelig!

  2. Andrea

    AMAZING photos, your´e so gorgeous!
    btw, in the rag & bone + Hanneli info it says that you´re Swedish, not Norwegian 🙂

    “Hanneli Mustaparta, Swedish fashion model turned blogger and regular contributor for Vogue.com among others, completes the cast of rag & bone DIY girls this season….”


    Thank you everyone for the kind words! <3 <3 <3 I am glad you like the DIY as much as I do.

    And then to the bookshelf, I got it in a furniture store in Brooklyn and am trying to track down what store it might have been. Xx Hanneli

  4. Signe

    Amazing! -Im wondering the same as some of the other girls: where did you get your bookshelf?

  5. Rhiannon

    Your photos are lovely – you are very real and naturally beautiful. Yours, Mina, and Miranda’s spreads are my favourites for this reason – very professionally thought out (so over the boob/wet t shirt thing!!!), but at the same time relaxed, real, raw, natural…
    Thank you for always being such an insipration.

  6. Julia


    I love these pictures so much. You are such a natural beauty and your presence in front of the camera is so striking and sensual.

    I wrote a blog entry comparing your photoset to that of some of the other models who participated in the campaign. I’d love for you to read it here:


    Let me know what you think 🙂

    With warm regards,


  7. stephanie

    Any idea was brand your bookcase is? Thanks. I love the shots. Beautiful!

  8. Brittany

    Love this idea. and your pictures are the best of the bunch! What camera did they give you to use? The shots look so fun.

  9. Sofie

    The campaign is great, and yes you are beatiful, but by far the best picture is the one with the leather pants, it just gives that bit of extra edge on top of all those other great pictures. You can really be proud of this job, well done!

  10. Hanna

    Oh I seriously LOVE your photos! They are great! Especially the first one, the sky is so dramatic and your look is amazing!

  11. une fille à marseille

    J’adore ton pantalon.
    j’aime beaucoup RAG&BONE, d’ailleurs j’ai repéré une jupe en cuir voir mon blog:

    Je commence mon blog donc il est encore pauvre et de qualité plus que moyenne, je vais m’améliorer!!

  12. Kat

    Love the diversity in your shots. A far more balanced and thoughtful spread than the others involved in the campaign, in my opinion. Well done.

  13. Elisabeth

    Great pictures, and you look amazing, but even more important.. I love that bookshelf!! Is it yours? Where is it from? I need a bookshelf like that!

  14. Aimée

    By the way, I’ve just checked the rest of the DIY projects and yours is BY FAR the best of them all.Miranda’s is cute too.

  15. Juulie

    Hi, just wanted to say how much of inspiration you have given to me and how much i love your attitude of living. (a LOT!) It’s almost too beautiful to be. Congrats. Enjoy all the possibilities you have in this life!

  16. Kari

    Fantastisk fine bilder, og du er veldig naturlig vakker. Du er flink både foran og bak kamera.

  17. Celine

    What struck me the most is how ridiculously bad the other models completed the task compared to Hanneli. I mean, Lily’s photos are outright horrendous, Abbey’s are not good at all and we get it Candice, you have a face and can curl your hair. We don’t care. Well done for showing the clothes in your own artistic way, Hanneli!

  18. Malene

    Så pen du er Hanneli! Elsker Rag & Bone, spesielt buksene på det ene bildet! FYI: Så står det på info om det på style.com at du er en svensk modell… noe som bør fikses?? hehe

  19. Anneli

    Wow… I am speechless! What a brilliant idea to let models photograph themselves. So much more REAL and approachable than professionally shot and thousand times airbrushed images.
    Hanneli, you look incredible!!!
    Salute Rag & Bone 🙂

    Anneli xx

  20. Adriana

    Is that your house???? LOVED IT!!!!!! U should post more pictures of u in it!!! Absolutly inspiring

  21. aya

    I don’t mean to be crass Hanneli–but your bum in the last photo!!
    How is it that you’re so slim but have such a great womanly shape too!? Fabulous!

  22. Elise

    Oh Hanneli, once again you did the job to perfection! I think you’re the epitome of street cool in these photos, especially the first one is really inspiring.


  23. GawgusThings

    I couldn’t get such amazing shots if I had a team of photographers round me!! I love these shots you’ve done – you look just stunning 🙂

  24. fashion suicides

    Such a nice collaboration! The picture is awesome, it’s so natural and the clothing is very beautiful.


    Psssst… I’m hosting an £100 ASOS gift voucher giveaway…