I’m in a short video for my organic and vegan lipstick for Zanzuel. The hairdo made me feel more quirky than usual and I had so much fun making it. I hope you like it. Shot by Peter Elofssen with Rebecca Palmer doing the styling, Hilde Pettersen Reljin on makeup, and Pasquale at Ion made my blonde hairdo.

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34 Responses to “QUIRKY VIDEO”

  1. suky

    thank you, can´t wait!

    since i cut my hair shorter, almost like you, and suddenly my old styling doesn´t fit me anymore – i need inspiration :0!


    Thank you so much for your amazing compliments all of you!

    Marta – that sounds very cool, Grazie mille!

    Joy – Grace Jones rocks.

    Evan –It’s so much fun to be allowed to be someone else for a little bit. Yes the Zebra sweater is pretty amazing.

    Evan – The pale purple is vegan (Hot Stuff) and the coral red (MY New BFF) unfortunately has some red in that makes is only organic but not vegan. The science in it, I’m not sure about.
    But I do know that there is to much chemicals in lipsticks in general. And you would think it would be less harmful stuff in more expensive lipsticks but sadly no. Women get large amounts of lid in their bodies through their life from all the lipstick being swallowed. And that’s scary.

    ELISE – You can check zanzuel.com. It’s in Norwgian but you can translate the page in Google for now, they are working on making it in english.

    Hek – Tusen takk! Leppestiften kan du få kjøpt på zanzuel.no

    Robin – Cool!

    Stine – Så bra!! Det var hyggelig å høre.

    Suky – It’s coming, thanks for the request.

    Elise – Wow litt av et kompliment! Takk!! Genser fra Ashish.

  3. Elise

    awesome zebra genser! hvor er den fra?

    Og foresten minner du om Julia Roberts når du smiler :))

  4. suky

    hanneliiiiii! you look gorgeous and COOL :)!

    give us more outfit posts of you pls! last year, you had so many beautiful shots of your style and i loved it! what do you wear this winter?!!!


  5. Robin

    there are stills in this that remind me of a scifi novel I just loves. Fantasy is just the best.

  6. hek

    Tenker 3 ting:

    Herrgud så nydelig du er! Til og med i den noe pussige parykken ser du elegant ut.

    Syk sebra genser! 🙂

    Vil ha den mørkeste nyansen av leppestiften, fortell hvor man får kjøpt de da:)

  7. Tirill M.

    Så fin Hanneli! 😀 Du ser veldig annerledes ut, men også kul, rar, leken, og elegant!! Du kledde den klippen og fargen overraskende godt 🙂 Minner litt om Milla Jovovich…

  8. Izzy Cole

    Goodness I want that zebra sweatshirt! Where is it from? Cute video 🙂

  9. ELISE

    would like every shade! Can you purchase this in the US too? If so, where, when, how, who, what, etc.!!!!

  10. marta mazur

    I love the color of the lipstick….but your hair are really cute and “ti stanno benissimo”!!!
    In italiano we would say it this way:-)

  11. Virginia

    it’s great!! the hairdo goes great with all colours, that’s probably its biggest plus… maybe you could go blonde for a while, it suits you! 😉