Frida Gustavsson wearing an elegant vintage dress that made me fall in love with colors again. She looks the right amount of retro, mixed with now, well done!

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47 Responses to “PSYCHEDELIC COLORS”

  1. pink

    the color is amazing!!!!! love her look

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  2. Stina

    Omg, that is literally ahmzing on her ! It’s not to retro and not to now, it looks perfect on her ! Love the prints on the dress too ! Well done, I say to you, Frida Gustavsson !

  3. Christina Diaz

    I absolutely love this look. The dress does not look kitschy at all but perfectly elegant! My favorite way to see vintage prints.

  4. M

    beautiful print, because of the lenght it could look dowdy but she makes it work

  5. Comme Coco

    I know what you mean, black, white and blue are often so easy to wear but I love a great coloured outfit!

  6. Madame M

    This a beautiful outfit! It was a pleasure to see the way you work during the Dior show yesterday. And I would like to thank you to accept I shoot you. You’re really a nice person:)

  7. Lorena

    Wow Frida looks so mature here. She can really wear this shape well because she is so tall. I feel like if I tried to wear a dress like this I would just look frumpy but she looks lovely.

  8. Esther

    amazing colours for summer <3 she carries this off so well, it’s not easy making such long-sleeved/long-length vintage dresses look good 😛

  9. Flor

    Hi! I love your blog..Inspiration everywhere..!
    And it’s full of beautiful photos..it´s really amazing.