She had picked up her Prada coat at a thrift store for only $6. (!) Even if it was drizzly and almost to dark to shoot I had to take her picture. How cute is she?!

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21 Responses to “PRADA $6”

  1. marta mazur

    well…indeed the coat is superb!!!so round, so eggy formed, and so girlish, so femminile….and she is a LUCKY GIRL!!

  2. Maria

    While I LOVE a bargain, and yes this was definitely a good one…I’m not a fan of the coat at all. I take that back, I really like the shape and direction of the pockets. However, this girl is super cute but the coat washes her out and overall just a bit frumpy. Not to mention the fact that the sleeve is either too short or too long. It makes me wonder if everyone would still like it if the label said something other than Prada? Just a thought.

  3. Mimi

    I love the coat. and I LOVE thrift stores. One man’s garbage, is another man’s treasure…


  4. julia

    wish we had thrift stores in Shanghai, China!!!

    The coat is gorgeous, I love the gigantic pockets.