I just shot a few different ponchos for Vogue.com, to figure out how to wear them without looking like I’m straight out of a western movie. I was surprised how warm they all were. This one is by Boy. by Band of Outsiders, bag by Phillip Lim and shirt by Acne. You can see the story here.

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  1. Sonia Garland

    I would never have thought of putting the shirt with the poncho, it looks fab and I will try it myself.

  2. Sasha

    i think that the white oxford shirt (with the small collar) underneath makes the poncho look just right (and not western).

  3. Kelly

    You and Susie Bubble are my favorite bloggers ever. All what you both do seem really honest and fresh. I always wonder why you’re not an usual suspect in Garance and Scott accounts. Now just noticing they aren’t among your favorite blogs neither. I smell a story here, maybe because…I’m a writer 😉

    About ponchos: My husband gave me one, a Burberry Poncho, back in 2003 when we got married, this was one of his gifts to me. When I used in Paris where I lived at the time, all people were always telling me how courageous I was to be wearing an ethnic piece from my country, Venezuela, and we don’t even wear ponchos because Venezuela is not in The Andes but in the Caribbean. I am sure that if I was as pretty and slender as you’re people would see my poncho as a very fashionable piece. I believe I wore it only three times (always wondering why my husband didn’t chose to give me a trench). It’s not warm enough for winter (not light enough for Autumn) and it’s a nightmare when you have kids to carry.

    Keep it always so easy and unpretentious. Love.


    I love this trend, I always wearing poncho in autumn and sometimes also in winter but always with something warm under!
    ps : I want to compliment with you for your pictures, i love them, the light is my favorite part is always so perfect! Congratulations for you successes, they are truly merited!

    kisses, Angelica

  5. Katarzyna

    very nice. I have 2 ponchos and love them – often wear mine with a plain crispy white shirt underneath – they make a good match xx

  6. The Minx

    I love how that poncho looks with the shirt buttoned all the way up underneath it! I usually don’t like ponchos at all, but you look super chic and lovely 🙂


    You guys are so sweet! Thank you! I hope some of you will try wearing a poncho and find a way to style it so it works for you. If you do, promise to email a picture to me, I’d love to see it!

    Hi J, I’m glad you asked me that. You see, I find the location, I check the light, adjust the camera, do a bunch of test shots to find the right angle, and then I either use a timer or I get a friend or a family member – who are not photographers – to actually click the button. There’s a lot more to taking a picture than squeezing that button 🙂


  8. j

    I’m curious as to why you’re getting photo credit when you’re clearly not taking these pictures.