My search for platform shoes is up on, it’s my second written article. I’m absolutely overjoyed, hope you like it!


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39 Responses to “PLATFORM”

  1. Mandy

    Love your article! Please show us your custom converse in details!


  2. Valentina Giuliani

    Where can I find the converse platform?Many Thanks

  3. Kazuko

    love article! 🙂 also love your shoes. i’ve got them in the lower version in dark brown, but would have loved to have the higher ones, too. they were made to order for you, because they’re sold out everywhere? that’s amazing! didn’t know they do that for their clients!

  4. Katherine Olenjack

    Congratulations! You have a keen eye. I really hope to see much much more from you! Keep up the amazing work. I am crazy picky and I LOVE reading your blog.

  5. Anna

    husker at jeg så deg i en I<3NY singlet for leeenge siden. Helt siden da har jeg alltid ønsket meg en sånn tank-top. Nå har jeg endelig klippet opp og sydd på min gamle t-skjorte. Takk for inspo!

  6. anne

    love the article! the ones boris made are gorgeous, i didn’t know that was even possible with a simple pair of all stars! xx

  7. Katrine Elena

    Jeg sitter kun å smiler når jeg leser bloggen din. Du er norsk, du gjør det så bra, i VOGUE!

    Du er en sann inspirasjonskilde 🙂

  8. lala

    Nice! Interessant at plåto-joggesko trenden er på vei tilbake… Fint at de er mer fargerike enn de som var “in” på nittitallet 🙂

  9. mustownmore

    Wow. They look amazing. I love the bulk of them against a skinny legged pant. Wish mine were the catwalk version and not the slimmed down platform!

  10. Caroline

    Ah looking forward to some fun read. I been on the outlook for some platform shoes myself, but like the 10 cm high ones.

  11. sacha

    must say, i wasn’t a big fan of this trend, but those custom converse are so cool.

  12. Meagan

    CONGRATS! =] you are so lovely and so is your style and so are your shoes.

  13. Ella

    Are you ever going to tell us what you were wearing under the short and wide white dress?