The always cool Katie Shillingford with her new fun hair color. Cotton candy with a slight twist of orange. So damn pretty! And I love that she is wearing faux fur.

Oh and by the way, check out Vogue’s “Social shopper” with the picture I recently posted of Alexa Chung (Blue Valentine), Meredith Melling Burke has used it as inspiration on how to get Alexa-look right.

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51 Responses to “PINK IS THE NEW BLUE”

  1. Très Awesome

    Hannelli I love you! I can’t believe I have not seen your site before. IT IS RADICAL. Your photography is gorgeosity, especially this one.

    Check out my Chicago street style site Très Awesome (

    xo Emma

  2. Fats

    Nope, tried liking it but nah she s prettier with her natural hair colour. dont think
    pink hair will prettify anyone…

  3. Esther

    Love it! There is also a pic of yours in Australian Vogue March issue, page 80. a piece on flowered clothing.

  4. Sylvia Etc

    Hi Hanneli,
    Really like her pink hair and general look (think i saw her in the sartorialist , Victoria beckham’s front row post?!), makes me think of Kirsten Dunst in Murakami’s short film!
    I thought Alexa Chung looked stunning in your blue valentine post, superbe!
    xxx from Paris

  5. Boyun

    oh, her hair looks very nice!
    and especially for me, the little reopard pattern hair pin caught my eyes! 😀
    that’s so pretty! 🙂