I could not take my eyes of this beautiful woman’s amazing sheer, laced blouse by Givenchy at Givenchy Haute Couture.

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49 Responses to “PERFECTION”

  1. pink

    wowww shes sooo CLASSYYY

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  2. Dana

    I would be right next to you admiring the lace top, and thinking, she’s one happy woman with that radiant smile. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Patriciann

    Sigh…this breath of a blouse would exude timeless style on a woman of 15 or 115. Every woman needs a piece like this in her closet. Totally, simply…beautiful!

    BTW, just discovered your blog and will be RSSing your updates.

  4. Thea

    Du tar fantastiske bilder og de gir meg mye inspirasjon, men jeg savner litt flere bilder av deg og din stil fra dag til dag…

  5. Juuli

    I love your photos and blog. There was a wonderful article about you in Trendi! I just wanted to say that i adore you.:)

  6. Lauren

    I love these photos in black and white. Her incredible smile is the perfect foil to that diaphanous shirt. Great work Hanneli!

    Hand drawn:

  7. Madame M

    I understand why you needed to shoot her. She is just “belle et élégante”, gorgeous. And this blouse is incredible.

  8. indie

    That is so beautiful!
    Took my breath away for a second.
    Oh the powers of beautiful garments..

  9. Esther

    love how you used b&w for this. givenchy was just awesome <3 pretty amazing to see it on the streets too

  10. kylie

    It looks super cute on this lady! She has such a calming and happy vibe to her. I would hang out with her. Haha