I think I’m in love with this sweater by Celine. Although I’m not normally a big fan of belts on the hip it really works wonderfully styled like this on Gerladine Saglio.

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69 Responses to “PERFECT GREEN”

  1. Ragnhild

    i like the swather! yeah, it totally works with the belt on the hip, ‘though it rather use a thinner one. i’ve been looking for a sweather like that, but in white, so i’d prefer it in white i guess.

  2. Blanca

    I was lately given a ‘stylish blogger award’ by one of the bloggers… it works like you get it, you tell 7 random facts about yourself and you can nominate 15 more blogs that you like!

    It is your choice to continue this blogger award.. You’re my number one, cause you’re the biggest inspiration 🙂

    I love your blog, your pictures and I hope you’ll stay here in the blogsphere with us for a long time 🙂 ’cause your blog is awesome!

    ciao 😉


  3. Jessica Lee

    Sigh… I LOVE it when a knitted sweater dress looks THIS good.
    Hanneli! You’re so fabulous yourself! I love your blog!!

  4. Lisa

    The green is so perfect! It has the perfect shade of army-green, but not too military. It’s a bit more forest-green, if that makes any sense.


  5. Caddy

    I find myself appreciating sweaters more now, both fuzzy one and patterned ones like the one above.

  6. Meagan

    Celine is beyond heaven. When I first saw one of their camel handbags in person, it literally almost brought tears to my eyes.