This is Eva Fontanelli and she looked lovely every day of Milan fashion week. Another day she was wearing a swan-like dress that reminded me of Bjork’s famous Oscar moment, only it was different and more subtle. Thank you, sweet Eva, for letting me take your picture even if it wasn’t your favorite thing to do.

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40 Responses to “PERFECT FIT”

  1. the style crusader

    that shirt is incredible! the details on the collar are so striking. i love that she’s paired it with those overalls (which are equally stunning). it looks quite unexpected. i would have thought of the top being paired with a fierce pencil skirt and sky high heels. i love her look. beautiful photos. xx

  2. Juuli

    Wonderful! Looks like she is happy and seems like I need to find dungarees. This photo made me smile.

  3. Renata Valente

    Perfect fit indeed!!

    I think this Hermès bag is soo cute and extremely useful!
    it goes with everything.
    and gives you a really stylish look!

    the glasses are also incredible!!