1806 Paz De La Huerta by Hanneli Mustaparta high res


Lovely Paz De La Huerta is doing rain-chic really well. With the textured hat and high waisted tie dyed long skirt she gives of a beautiful Saint Laurent and Rodarte vibe.

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80 Responses to “PAZ DE LA HUERTA + TIE DYE”

  1. Lara

    The hat does it for me. This is an awesome look. Love this. I’m inspired now! Great post.

  2. Coralie G.

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  3. Paris

    Beautiful style! You’re lovely, and
    your blog is full of beautiful things!

    Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate,

    Paris // CharcoalAlley.com

    Instagram: @CharcoalAlley


    Incredible look. Would love to see more of that awesome skirt. She looks gorgeous and I love her hat.

  5. antonio

    please please update more often!!! put some fashion week pics,etc..your elle editorial,eetc

  6. Celine

    What a superb picture of her! Hanneli I love coming to your blog and when you do update it’s great happiness for me. But I enjoy your blog even without updates for a long time. I find your pictures and the subjects you shoot to be so current even if they are from the beginning of your blog. Thank you for always inspiring me!

  7. David

    Aside from the Little Black Dress, I’ve never seen anyone who donned everything in black to look so good until now. It was a great idea to play around with the textures of the fabric. Great shot too!

  8. Nora

    This is gorgeous! You have a great eye for composition and beauty. I’ve currently just started a fashion blog as well noranord22.wordpress.com. Check it out and let me know what you think!

    Keep up the great work,
    Nora Nord 🙂

  9. sara

    Looks like the skirt does not fit properly. Why does it overlap on the left side, and why is the belt loop in the front? I love everything else. Her style in this photo is like my BFF.