This is Nadiia Shapoval and her cool cape. I love the little touch she added on the collar, it is pretty subtle but just right, and the outfit would look very different without it.

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40 Responses to “PARK AVENUE SMOKER”

  1. Olave

    OMG. I love her style! The hair is really amazing, and the eyes nails you to the picture. She’s just simply cool I guess.

  2. NYCFashionista

    It looks very very retro – the picture could almost be decades old. Including the cigarette, since hardly anybody smokes anymore..(thankfully)

  3. Roxanne

    I appreciate the uncensored smoking, it intensifies the model’s defiant expression, I think. We all know that it will dulls good looks quicker than the sun.. so no glamor there, but what a FANTASTIC outfit. That cape is killer, especially with the pin. Great shot.

  4. Petey's Mom

    Really hate seeing young women smoking. Thought we’d gotten smarter than that. It will NEVER be fashionable and I wish photographers would stop trying to make smoking look sexy and glamorous.

  5. carol

    And she would look better without that crappy coffin nail hanging out of her mouth.

  6. Ginta

    Yes, the tassel gives a character to the outfit. Otherwise it would be just like any other white shirt, jeans with a cape outfit.