I had so much fun doing this story for, there is something very intriguing about using a greatly cut pajama as daywear, but it has to be done right so you don’t look like you just stepped out to get breakfast and is on your way back to bed again.

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53 Responses to “PAJAMA”

  1. Sara

    I want this dog!! But anyway, it doesn’t matter how much this pajamas cost, they are not to be worn on the streets. sorry…

  2. Lara

    I wouldn’t dare wearing a pajama on the streets, but it definitely works for you! You’re looking chic and the best accessory with an outfit like that is a beautiful dog 😉 Love it!
    (not only this post, the whole blog is gorgeous!)


  3. Helen

    personally I think it’s a bit much, but you still look really cute! (especially with your dog hehe)

  4. Thea

    Hanneli, du er så utrolig vakker! Er så glad for at Norge har en skikkelig flott modell å skryte av. Håper det blir Vixen fangst for deg!

  5. Annie

    such a funny trend to watch. I find it pretty hard though to do it right. so I better stay watching from the outside. love your picture with that amazing dog.

    X, Annie

  6. Sonja

    You look fab as usual (even ina PJ!!! Jealous ;-)) but honestly this PJ reminds me a bit of the concentration camps prisoners in the 2nd world war and therefore I don’t think this is very tasteful 🙁

  7. Eva

    I think this trend is too fashion forward for me. I don’t dare step out my apartment like this :-S

  8. Anna

    No no, Pajamas can never look right outside the bed. Some things are just not meant to be worn as part of an outfit.