I have posted a picture of Lina before <– she’s a Japanese photographer. I see her every fashion week and she always looks really interesting and almost otherworldly. I wish I spoke just a little bit of Japanese so I could get to know her. At least I managed to mime “Where did you get the sweater” and she replied “Vintage”.

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56 Responses to “OVERSIZED KNIT”

  1. SuSu

    I am also a Japanese girl. You have many fans in Japan!! Red sweater is very popular this year, so every store has it. Hanneli, please come to Japan, especially Osaka!!

  2. Samantha

    This is exquisite – I love how well the red goes well with her skin tone and hair colour. Do you know where I can look at her photographs?

  3. gina

    beautiful sweater. now i must find one just like it.

    stuff i like:
    ginaespo.blogspot.com | ginaespo.tumblr.com

  4. Jocelyn

    Beautiful photo and beautiful girl! The color of the sweater is very bold, but it still reflects a feeling of innocence.

    Next time you can say:
    Sono seeta (sweater) wa doko ni kaimashitaka?

    But I don’t know how you would understand the answer. But it would be worth a try 😉

  5. Ashley

    Beautiful shot, beautiful woman, beautiful sweater.
    Do you know where we can see her photography online?

  6. Augusta Buan

    Amazing! I didnt even knew I want a red oversize sweater – but now I TOTALLY need it!!! I adore your blog anyway(:
    xxx Augusta

  7. Elena

    I love how the oversized jersey look has become so chic – being in the southern hemisphere means our seasons are opposite, and over the winter there was a huge surge in people wearing very slouchy, very unflattering ones. Photographs like this give me hope for next year.

    I love how whimsical she looks with the outsize (but still beautifully proportioned) jersey in that vibrant red, and her hair tied back in a messy plait. It’s the kind of thing I remember begging my mother to be allowed to wear when I was little <3

  8. Gerður

    She is lovely! I´ve got cravings for oversized knit, this red one is amazing! Bold and beautiful color that lights up the autumn day….

  9. ellinor

    Paint the town rouge. The sweater is beautiful. You have incredible photos on this blog. Good job! Come visit me, too when you find the time.