I love this look, the patches and that they are so worn makes them even more special. If I’m going to try overalls I will definitely do it with a apair of heels as well, or else I might look like I’m 12 years old again borrowing my sisters overalls. But first – need to find a good pair.

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15 Responses to “OVERALLS”

  1. niels Windfeld Lund

    I love these overalls, just right ones, and I must admit, I live in overalls, especially in baggy well worn out patched overalls, they are so cool ! for all people if you ask me, check out my blog, more or less devoted to overalls; crazy, yes, but overalls is best !

  2. Paula Neira

    Is that Luella Bartley?
    I love your blog ,I love your exquisite taste
    Hugs from Argentina!

  3. Nimue

    i love overalls, but just as you i’m a bit afraid to look like little kid :s but maybe you’re right about the heels! i certainly love the ones the girl is wearing in the picture!! not such a big fan of the sweater though…but overall (haha) it’s a nice look!

  4. Ganymede Girl

    Awesome glasses! I like the patchwork denim but not so much the shape of these overalls, I think I would like them more if they were better fitted. She still looks really cool though.