My first written article is up on Vogue.com ! I am so excited! I hope you like it.

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85 Responses to “OVER THE MOON WITH PRIDE”

  1. Anja Halmøy

    Likte artikkelen veldig godt! Gøy å se hvem som inspirterte deg til å finne tak i akkurat de buksene.

  2. Rachella

    I totally love this bag. It’s so stunning.

    ps please give your opinion about my blog if you got the time for that !

  3. Natalie

    Amazing and well deserved!!! I love that neon bag from Cambridge Satchel Coompany. A fun way to add neon to an outfit without making it too much of an eighties aerobics theme. Well done!


    Yey, thank you for all your warm and lovely comments!!!
    Hurra, tusen takk for alle de koselige kommentarene!!!

    To answer some of your questions:

    •The Satchel is from Cambridge Satchel company and is in the smallest size 11″.

    •The Acne Velocite jacket I have is in a size 36.

    • Debra Grace – Victoria at Whittemore house on 45 Grove Street is the talented lady who does my hair color. She also works with Steven Meisel for his photo shoots so I know I’m in god hands.

  5. Samira

    Congratulations! The article is very good and your pictures, as always, are lovely. I am in love with your Acne Velocite jacket. May I ask what size you have it in? Thanks, Samira

  6. Ranu

    Congrats, wonderful post! You pull those track pants off perfectly. What I really must know is…where did you get that bag?!?

  7. lala

    Fint, du fortjener å være med i vogue, hvert eneste nummer 😉

  8. julie pietrzak

    way to go, girl!

    i’ve been following you for a while and it is great to see your all of your recent success. well deserved. you are truly beautiful.


  9. Helene

    Gratulerer. Du ser utrolig bra ut og jeg er glad du gjør det så bra 😀

  10. Gry

    Helt rått. You Freakin’ Rock!
    Fantastiske bilder, Utrolig flotte antrekk, og DEG som stråler!

  11. Alexandersson


    Hanneli, please, answer this one – where is that bag from??

  12. Sunniva

    Gratulerer! 😀 Fantastiske nyheter da gitt! 😉

    Jeg digger vesken din! Jeg har en 15″ mørkebrun, men har skikkelig lyst på en 11″ neonfarget en.

    Håper du får en fantastisk flott påske! Klem:)

  13. Debra Grace

    Hanneli, your hair looks absolutely amazing. If you had it colored in New York, please refer me to your colorist please!

  14. Vivian Kim

    Woah I’ve been eyeing that bag for a while after getting inspired by your fondness for fluorescent items. I did think you might like it :P. So cute!

    Congrats on your Vogue.com article! Great piece.

  15. Patty

    Congratulations, Hanneli! That is a beautiful bag, by the way. 🙂