It was such a beautiful day yesterday, I went out biking on the lower east side and met these cool girls. I love the shirt buttoned all the way up and the Miu Miu-ish collar and the larger shirt over it.

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28 Responses to “OUT BIKING”

  1. Glamour

    How adorable are they!! Love the outfits… great for this transition into warmer weather. xox

    style council

  2. kylie

    Their sunglasses make them look very L.A. But there clothes say New York! I love that combination… very IT! I’m surprised they aren’t models, they look they could be in Vogue or Nylon!

  3. Ruci

    love the layering of two button downs and the girl on the right has great shoes! read my blog at ohgeeitsgreat.wordpress.com

  4. Valentina

    Lovely girls. I wish I was in NY, look at that sun! Winter just started here.

  5. taylah

    i especially love that yellow bike.<3 and i commend the lovely girl on it for riding it in those boots.

  6. Ganymede Girl

    Stylish ladies! I really like the look on the left, very fun and the denim on denim really works here. I feel like I’ve been seeing posts with bikes popping up all over the place and it’s really making me feel like I need to buy one, I feel like I’m missing out!

  7. Kiki

    It wold be great if they were me and my sister!

    I want to cycle with sunshine and beautiful clothes!