I’m on vacation and it’s truly amazing (and will therefore not post in the coming days). I finally got to wear the dress I bought from the Garment Room a few months back. It’s from the 18th century and almost falling apart, the fabric is frail and thin and the detailing is like a piece of art. Underneath I’m wearing my sequined bra.

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14 Responses to “ON THE BEACH”

  1. Matsku

    where were you? Amazing pictures I was like “WHAAU :D” And the dress, so beutiful! Where did you bough it?

  2. The Photodiarist

    I am so glad that I came upon your blog. I saw you at the tent on Sunday in a wonderful peachy ruffly dress and those amazing light blue/gray platforms. You, right? You were chatting with Craig Arend? In any event, wonderful blog. Will be adding it to my blog roll.


  3. Kate

    Hanneli, you are such an inspiration. I just started taking personal style photos and I definitely look to you to get ideas for lighting, poses, and of course, style.

    I wrote a post about your site a couple weeks back, you can check it out here: