I took this after the Ohne Titel show.  Tauba Auerbach’s braid is so beautiful, is there one thing I miss with not having long hair anymore is to braid it while reading or watching a movie. I think she said her dress was Ohne Titel. It’s been a while since I saw the show, so I enjoyed it again at Style.com and picked out a few favorites. I really want the tights from the collection.

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6 Responses to “OHNE TITEL”

  1. dagmar

    She looks very very sophisticated and beautiful – such a great inspiration!

  2. sciso

    wow super wow, i a gree the tights are killer also the grey suit in the sencond pic is amazing:)xxscisi

  3. Eva

    I love the brade too but it looks like almost impossible to do it on your own!
    I wondered something about your post with the coloured eyebrows. How long do you think it takes until the “ettervokst”? I have been thinking of making mine a bit more brown chocolate instead for black, but I admit I’ma bit lazy when it comes to the mantainance.