My friend Per Age, the designer of FIN informed me that I was featured in Nylon Japans May issue, he is responsible for the scans as well, thank you so much Per Age!

I wished I could read Japanese, is there anyone out there who are able to translate? The picture is taken during this previous New York fashion week, and I’m wearing a Sass & Bide jacket, Club Monaco pants, Acne Box boots, F21 bag and watch by Dyrberg/Kern.

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3 Responses to “NYLON JAPAN”

  1. Chuzai Living

    Glida, Bravo!! Great translation. I was trying to figure out why the writer of the magazine article used the word “funny”. I think she (I’m assuming it’s ‘she’) wanted to say that you’re one of a kind. Some of the Japanese borrowed words are used with different adopted meanings, so it can be confusing… Your blog has beautiful photos!

  2. gilda

    ohhh nylon japan! they are SO much better than the nylon in the us.

    it says from top down,

    “besides the acne jacket, hanneli coordinates her outfit in black while playing with different textures.”

    “the european model and blogger with a funny face.”
    (this is the literal translation! i’m sure they mean “cute”!!!)

    below your name,
    “minimalist, unrivaled mode style.”

    “in masculine fashion and cute facial structure/shape, hanneli stands out from the crowd at the collections. as a model in new york and her hometown in norway, and as a fashion blogger, she flies around the world with her unique career. she loves mixing mens items to her fashion, where nothing is taboo. with fashion stories are like poetry in her special blog, she is a textbook to those looking at european girls’ fashion.”

    so there you have it! the translation! 😀 they loved you!