The inspiring, sweet and talented Tavi with her new cool blue do at Chanel couture in Paris.

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22 Responses to “NO ROOKIE NO MORE”

  1. RinRin

    i love your blog :—) are you half finnish or something? ‘Mustaparta’ sounds so finnish :–D
    i love tavi’s clothes mm too
    yeah, keep going ;–D

  2. Sylvie

    Strong personality, i always wanted to be a granny before the age, i guess she mad it look real.
    very cute!!

  3. Isabel

    I admire how a girl with 13 years old is the most fashion blogger at this moment, and how is invited to all fashion shows. I have to ask her how to make to be invited too…

  4. Teresa

    Awh, I really like the color on her. I like how small her shopping bag is and how it makes her look a little bigger!


  5. aggy

    I just want to know- why on earth was she at the haute couture shows?? is her mom a client? And did you ask her what hair dye she used? the color is gorgeous!

  6. mandy

    tavi: no longer the new girl in town.

    her blue turned out too good! was a little scared for her at first but i love how frosty and fairy flossy it is now.