I did a job where they bleached my eyebrows and I thought I would show it to you. What do you think? It was very strange looking at my self in the mirror, the cool thing was to apply darker eyeshadow when I was going out cause it immediately looked like Givenchy. My sweather is by Lainey Keough and it’s made by the most amazing Cashmere ever, and my white leather shorts that I bought at Screaming Mimi’s which I’m also wearing here.

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20 Responses to “NO EYEBROWS”

  1. Faridah

    You are beautiful! You wear bleached eyebrows to perfection. I agree with comment about your skin, it’s flawless. Please do a post on how you maintain such beautiful skin! 😀

  2. nina

    what is your skin regiment? you have a perfect complexion.
    would you please share your secret?

  3. Virginia

    The eyebrows look amazing!! It’s the first time I’ve seen them on a brunette like this, never thought they would look good but you have just given all us darker-haired girls out there some hope…

  4. Izzy

    I LOVE IT. & the outfit too. The perfect casual yet fashion forward way to compliment your new brows 🙂

  5. Adi

    You look beautiful no matter what, Hanneli! I’m so happy to se you wearing your finger armor again! I wear my silver filigree one all the time. Tres unique!

  6. catherine

    I surprisingly like the eyebrows in a strange way.

    And that sweater looks like the most comfortable article of clothing EVER.

  7. Renate

    Wow, det der er det ikke alle som kan få til å fungere! Jeg syns faktisk det var utrolig kult, og ikke minst modig gjort!!

  8. Tove

    jeg må si at du er finest med dine gamle øyenbryn.
    Også må jeg si at den nye sveisen din kledde deg utrolig bra, og ikke minst at du har noen fantastiske kinnbein!

    Kan ikke du fortelle litt om hvordan du ble modell og hva du lever av i dag?