I was shot by none other than Patrick Demarchelier for the Net-a-porter campaign along with the fun and stylish Shala Monroque, Ann Dexter Jones and Atlanta De Cadenet. At this particular shot I was thinking “Really!? THE Patrick Demarchelier is shooting  ME?” Thank you everyone at Net-a-porter as well as Erik Torstensson for making this happen. Styling by Nicoletta Santoro, hair by Didier Malige and makeup by Aaron De Mey.

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63 Responses to “NET – A – PORTER + HANNELI”

  1. Jessica Rae Sommer

    This is amazing!!! Congratulations!! Ah. You’re so beautiful and classic. I wanted to send you a thank you for the nearly daily inspiration- I’m a new Los Angeles Artist and fashion illustrator— and I absolutely love your blog! Would love it if you took a peek at my work! I think you’d enjoy it, and I’d die 🙂

    Many many thanks for all of your wonderful inspo!
    Jessica Rae

  2. Cathrin

    Åh.. Du ser verkeleg fantastisk ut! Nydeleg håret ditt er her, kledeleg. 🙂

  3. La Perle

    You look so happy and beautiful! Those shoes are amazing! I love how you have so much color and funk. I just moved to Paris from San Francisco, and am so surprised by the lack of color here in people’s wardrobe. I wore a bright orange skirt today and got many quizzical stares. I love bright colors – keep up the happy work 🙂

  4. troy

    Ms. Hanneli,

    You are as worthy in front of the camera as you are behind it. And by the way… you make any photographer look good. You should be charging them to takes photos of you! 🙂



  5. nikki

    i was coming home from nyfw and picked up the newest vogue at the airport and saw this ad. totally great! congrats!

  6. Neda

    I adore this sort of polaroid-inspired shot; it captures a timeless, yet innocent brilliance which you epitmose to effortlessley. The styling is a complete different story in importance. It’s pure genius. Also, i think the background couldn’t complemented more effectively than it has; it brings character, and a classic luxury influence to the mood and aesthetic of the photgraph, however not to an extent where it is not relative to the audience; it think its your perfect quirky demenour in this shot.