This is such an easy and fun outfit. I rarely wear leopard prints, but I would definitely do this one. The neon color instead of beige or brown is great. Does anyone know who the sweater is by?

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38 Responses to “NEON LEOPARD”

  1. aurora

    Dries I’m pretty sure! love your blog Hanneli 🙂 I’m a design student and you inspire me so much with your beautiful pictures.

  2. fr

    You don’t happen to know where to get similar teaspoon glasses, do you?
    Grateful for reponse

  3. jjjj

    I think the sweater is from H&M because I have seen there that kind of sweaters but those were in brown print. The fabric looks like the same.

  4. Liberty

    The sweater looks like Dries Van Noten. There is one almost the same but in a different color at Aloha Rag.

  5. Caroline

    It is indeed amazing. It kind of give me connotations to the Proenza Schouler sweater, but it is definitely not a Proenza.

  6. Victoire

    i love how relaxed and comfortable this outfit looks. the print definitely makes it look funky, and the glasses are a cool touch too 🙂

  7. tonio

    Impressive! reminds me a lot to the Proenza Schouler prints.. Im not saying is the same, it´s just that vibe!! that neon vibe!!

    See you! Glad to have you back!

    Do you know Laura Laine!!
    step by my blog and watch her art! she is amazing!!

  8. Emma

    Honestly, I find that sweater hideous. Don’t like the color, don’t like the print.

  9. Serena

    LOVE her tights & silky shorts combo! The color of her sweater is also refreshing- colors like that are hard to come by when the weather gets cold. A fun statement necklace would have really added to her look, IMO.
    Keep the inspiration coming, Hanneli!


  10. Curls

    Love her outfit, the Celine bag goes perfect with it. I have no idea where the sweater is from, good luck!

  11. juliet

    I have been reading your blog for a long time and it’s one of my favorites! Could you visit mine in return?

    juliet xxx