I absolutely love Natalia’s styling. It’s a little quirky mixed with sophisticated.

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41 Responses to “NATALIA VODIANOVA”

  1. Sandra

    Just posted a six year old picture of her with Francisco Costa on my blog! ^^
    She looked great in the past and looks even more fantastic after she gave birth to to kids. But I don’t like much her trousers and the shoes… no!

    xoxo Sandra

  2. Lisa

    I fully agree, even her smile looks playful – and of course, very beautiful.

  3. Melissa~

    I don’t know how you took that picture and you didn’t run to her and hug her (or maybe you did that) I would do that, with that smile I just wanna hug her, she’s so lovely!

  4. Emma Rose

    Oh is this at Opera?
    Was this taken recently?
    Love her and the outfit !

  5. beisa

    I just love natalias style, she always looks so quirky and beautifull. great pic!

  6. Malin

    One of my favorite models. She is gorgeous! Great style too.

  7. liya

    I think she has an amazing style! she is definitely one of my favourite models

  8. Ganymede Girl

    I love this comfy look, the sweats and shoes are an interesting combination, surprisingly good. Natalia is so cute, she has one of the prettiest smiles ever.

  9. Ellie

    Such a sophisticated mix of things. You need to be very confident to pull this off so beautifully. She is lovely. (Her style in this photo reminds me of Giovanna Battaglia’s similar mix of unexpected pieces)