I’m in Nashville of all places, wearing a denim jumpsuit which is the easiest thing to throw on when not up for thinking of what to wear. I’ve been enjoying Nashville for a couple of days and am surprised to realize that there are so many great vintage shops here. Jumpsuit and bag by Stella McCartney, shades by Acne and sandals by Proenza Schouler.

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103 Responses to “NASHVILLE – TENNESSEE”

  1. Laura

    So wonderful you had the chance to visit Nashville (my hometown). You were right next to my two favorite coffee shops – Fido’s & JJ’s!

    Lovely attire as well… hope you enjoyed your stay!

  2. annamiia

    But hey, isn’t that a PLAYsuit?!? Because jumpsuits have long legs and playsuits short legs.

  3. Steffi

    i love your outfit! it is simple, clean and special. at the first view i though it is a dress, but the jumpsuit is great, also. stunning. compliment

  4. Andrea

    hi dear, this jumpsuit is awesome … but about the glasses I would have prefered round brown ones … what shoes did you combine ? ah, I see, sandals .. perfect !

  5. Gabrielle @ LookSharpSconnie

    A almost bought an all-denim dress today, and passed it up. Now, after seeing how amazing this looks on you, it makes me regret my decision.

    The color blue of this jumpsuit looks amazing on you – and it’s the perfect shade to class up the all-jean look.

    Great wardrobe for the south, non?

    Gorgeous, as alwways,


  6. Therese at fashion

    Fabulous Hanneli! Your photos and style inspire me every day. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Ania Sania

    COOL outfit girl! And awesome pictures. Love love your blog so much.

  8. Ara

    Lovely outfit! I don’t know how you put together something that inspiring and pretty with only with a few items.

  9. Mette

    You look so stunning – I absolutely love the shades! I really admire your great sense of creating a stylish outfit with only a few items 🙂 Plus – your hair is so beautiful!

  10. Ally

    That jumpsuit looks awesome on you! I’d love to try a similar look, but I don’t think I’m leggy enough, haha.

  11. Inger

    Åhh, så heldig! Etter NYC er Nashville det andre stedet i hele verden jeg vil til!!

  12. Aneesa

    HI There..I just moved here for a few months, I walk past the place where this shot was taken everyday..Please tell-where are these vintage shops? Love your style!

  13. Allison

    Have so so much fun in Nashville! There really are some GREAT vintage shops- be sure and check out Goodbuy Girls over at 1108 Woodland. Also Bagel Face Bakery is THE place to go get bagels. I hope you post some more pictures!! -Allison

  14. Chanel

    OMG!!!! You’re visiting my hometown!!! yay!! there are so many cool places to shop there. I hope you’re having fun…enjoy.

  15. wallmuse

    Stella McCartney has the best jumpsuits, although I feel like you have to be tall to pull this one off, but you do it beautifully. Check out my latest post featuring…!