So I got my hair cut a little shorter by Marco at ION and I started to wear it messy, it’s fun and I feel more fun. I got these black velvet carpenter pants at H&M the other day and I LOVE them, it’s hard to find a pair that is feminine yet comfortable at the same time. My shoes and shirt are from Zara. New York was warmer today and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, perhaps Indian summer?

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  1. sabine

    hi hanneli,

    first of all: love your blog, you always have beautiful entries and i love the way you dress.

    funny thing is, i have the same shoes from zara. i love them, they’re so beautiful. my only problem: they are soo uncomfortable, i can’t barely wear them.
    now my question: how do you deal with that?

    thank yooou

  2. EmmaLouise

    You look absolutely gorgeous…and just as a sidenote, I’m so jealous of your defined cheekbones!

    EmmaLouise @ An Extraordinary Account


    Emma: Thank you! I blow dry it quickly using a natural haired round brush, after that I use a straightening iron which I twist around that makes waves and then I brush them out and that’s it. If you don’t know how to get curls with a straightening iron then you could use a curling iron, but don’t start rolling in at the tip as that will make pageant curls. I start at the middle of the chosen part and then I swirl it around the iron. This was hard to explain, but any hair stylist should know this technique so ask your local hairdresser to show you. Good luck!

  4. emma

    wonderful haircut! i want my hair to be like that. but i wondered: do you do anything to make it wavy? because when you had long hair it seemed to be quite straight. i have long straight hair, but i want to cut it, and i am wondering how it would turn out.


    Thank you so much all of you! You are so sweet.

    Laura; My name is Finnish, but I’m not. My fathers great grandfather emigrated to Norway from Finland hundred s of years ago. I don’t know one finnish word and have only been there three times for modelling.

    Shasha: I was scared too, but I really wanted a change and I went to a hairdresser I trust and that has great skills. I just took a deep breathe and went for it. We only live once. Oh and it’s not like I don’t have to style it. Hair looks better when it has had some kind of styling. I dry it with a blowdryer, and make waves with a straightening iron. No products, just maybe a little bit hairspray.

    Victoria: I think you have the guts. I just brought some pictures of haircuts that I liked.

    Blah: If your face is round you can og for the slightly longer bob that will lengthen your face. ?

    Shak: Yes it is. It says ”Mamma”, which means ”Mom” in Norwegian. My mother is the most amazing person I know. She is puts everyone before her self and has such a beautiful heart. I love her so much.
    If you really want a tatto at your wrist, just come up with something you really like. Someone in your family, that means the world to you, or just a word that inspire you to be great, or a drwaing of something you really like. It took me a year to decide where and what I wanted to get tattoed. You’ll have it for the rest of your life so it’s important not to taket these decisions lightly. Good luck!

    Megs: Yes, you’re right, all hair behaves differently. If you cut it it might look completely dfferent but super cool.

  6. Megs

    I adore it…lovely and I am envious of your look! Glamorous in an understated way. I might need to check with my stylist to see if my hair would behave in such a cut…Lovely, really!

  7. shak

    Is that a tattoo I see on your wrist? What word is it if you don’t mind my asking?
    I’ve been dying to get one and the lady at the tattoo parlour says unless it means something to you, I shouldn’t get it, just so there’s less likelihood of me regretting it. I just can’t seem to find anything meaningful to me!

  8. Ammu

    Gorgeous! I love the whole look – the hair, the simplicity of the clothes, the light. Lovely pic.

  9. The Photodiarist

    I could cry looking at those pictures. The light is so stunning.
    I pray for an Indian summer. Although, I did put away all of my summer stuff. . .

    PS . . . great haircut. It makes you look even more gorgeous.

  10. blah

    you look amazing in that photo~!! even more than you already do ahaha =)
    that hair really suits you; i considered getting my hair cropped like that but my face is a bit chubby so it wouldn’t look that great. it looks fantastic on you but!

  11. shasha

    Looks great, im really considering cutting my own hair. But im scared, last time i had short hair i had to style it to make it look decent :S ( since ive got really thick hair ) Any tips on how i should cut my hair 😛 ?

  12. Laura

    I have to ask, where does your name come from? The last name sounds really finnish! It would be nice to hear about it!

    Love the new hairdo!