These pants are pretty great. They have a pressed fold in the front which makes them that much more interesting. They were a bit too long to wear without heels -I don’t like it when pants bulk up at the bottom – so I hemmed them with double sided tape and it works perfectly. I always have a rescue kit handy where I store safety pins, double sided tape, clamps etc. You never know when you have to do a last minute alteration. Pants by Phillip Lim, Bag by Mulberry, top by Acne, shades by Rag & Bone and shoes by Prada.

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40 Responses to “MY AMAZING PANTS”

  1. Bree

    indeed those are cool pants. made even cooler by your nifty improvements. Im buying double sided tape today! πŸ™‚

  2. Charlotte :)

    wonderful hanneli! I would have never thought to put those trousers with those shoes and top, but it works perfectly!

  3. Susannah J

    You’re in Paris!! Lucky you! I have never been and sooo want to go. I always bring safety pins wherever I go, but double sided tape is a new one for me. Clever.

  4. Teddy

    You wear everything to perfection Hanneli! I’m a big fan of you and hope to meet you one lucky day.

  5. RikaMaja

    I never thought of using double sided tape for things like that. Thanks! Also I must say you look beyond cool in that outfit, and I want that Mulberry bag so bad now. Me want.