I love all white outfits as you can see from my previous post. But it can be done right and it can be done cheesy (-plastic stiletto boots and too tight jeans is one). Terence Koh has definitely done it right and with his own little twist, his arms sticks out of  self made holes, his own interpretation of a poncho. And he is the only one who can make a simple plastic bag look cool. The leather pants are from his Opening Ceremony collection.

Edit: The bag is from Margiela.

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7 Responses to “MORE WHITE”

  1. catherine

    Wow, love the pants, and the armholes. And the sunglasses as well!

    I wish more people rocked all-white. I see a lot of all-black around but not the opposite.

  2. Hannah Rucker

    I love it! The white looks great, I agree, and the torn sweater creates the perfect balance of disarray. Ripped stuff is often overkill, but he gets it just right!