If there’s someone who has fun with clothes and patterns it’s Natalie Joos. She also happens to have an amazingly inspiring blog called Tales of Endearment about her friends’ vintage finds around the world.

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43 Responses to “MIX THE PATTERNS”

  1. iben

    its amazing how some people pull of mixing different patterns and colors, and she does it with grace and superb style

  2. Peo

    Such unusual way of using patterns, I’m intrigued! Those socks really makes the entire outfit.

  3. vee

    lovely! its is crazy how many colors she has going on yet they are in the same family. Everything she has on will match something else she has going on! ie: the sock’s shade of blue is repeated on her shirt and skirt, her red purse’s vibrant hue is repeated on the skirt and the camel colored matches the streaks in her hair! talk about complete harmony!!!