When Shala Monroque invites for discussion on What is Fashion in collaboration with Miu Miu, you know it will be interesting, fun and visually pleasing. André Leon Talley told stories of his time assisting Andy Warhol and Diana Vreeland. I could have listened to him for hours and hours. And a bonus of it all was to being able to touch and feel the beautiful SS11 collection. That neon silk dress is my absolute favorite. I was wearing a vintage dress found in Marions Bruktbutikk in Larvik/Norway, Mulberry “Neely” bag to wich I added a neon-yellow shoe lace to the strap that unfortunately doesn’t really show that well in the picture, but you get the idea, Proenza Schouler double belt and Alaïa boots. -What is fashion to you?

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  1. Caroline

    Asking what fashion is, it’s like asking: “when is something is art?”
    I got told that art is something that can’t be made by a child.
    “Children paints and draws without a ulterior motive , then it isn’t art.” they said.
    Im a child, Im 12 turning 13 this month, and I say that kids are able to create art.
    Art is something that not everybody understand, in childrens case, something that grown ups don’t understand. They choose to believe that only adults think about what they make, I say they’re wrong.
    Art isn’t JUST a painting, it’s clothes, music, architecture, a lot of things, things that kids can create to!
    To me fashion is EVERYTHING! It’s my life, I feel like it’s a part of me.
    I see some fashion, as art. The inspiration behind a collection, that you wont see before you get told, and then you can see it clear.
    Maybe I say children can create art, cause Im a child and I want to believe that we’re able to do something as amazing to…I don’t know.
    Fashion is a personal thing, somebody has the same style and taste, but like finger prints, none is identical.
    That is what I think…

    that was long, but it came from the heart. and just to finish of, Hanneli you are fashion.

  2. fashionsdirtylaundry

    Fashion, different from style, encompasses the artistic development of clothing– aside from necessity or function. Fashion is an agreed upon aesthetic that assimilates itself into society, ultimately defining a period of time, culture, or specific group.

    Thanks for the post– truly an “insider’s look!”

  3. Anna

    Hanneli, you are very gracious on the picture in the dress!

    To me, fashion is an oportunity of exploring into depths of the past and interpret the future.
    But I always find myself thinking that fashionability also comes and goes, but style stays..
    Style – is sort of a personal equation or an extraction from fashion.

    Fashion – is today.

  4. Justyna

    fashion is everything and nothing at the same time. I love it so much, but i try not to think about it too much…. there’s more to life than fashion, BUT i couldn’t live without fashion either, without that beautiful non-verbal form of communication and expression… fashion is not trying too hard but still expressing what you genuinely are. Or maybe I’m describing style? 😉 (I love your vintage dress, btw!)

  5. tonio

    Love your dress on that pic, and Tavi looks great as always! I love her!! how is she? is she friendly with you? 🙂 I´m curious.

    I´m a fashion illustrator, is the perfect way to express myself, and my view from fashion.
    I have now at my blog, THELOVELYSANDOTBLOGSPOTDOTCOM a character! her name is Sanabra!! she si so cute, so fashion and so garde. Why don´t you step by and meet her! really, it would make me very very happy.

    It will take you two minutes.



  6. Meagan

    That looks like so much fun! The new Miu Miu collection is to die for.

    Fashion is self-expression. It’s as simple as that.

  7. Mona

    Hei Hanneli. Du ser fantastisk ut. Jeg bare lurte på om du har noe utdanning når det gjelder mote og styling, og evt. hvor gikk du?Vet du har vært modell og da har du selvfølgelig fått med deg mer enn en ting eller to.
    Ha en fin dag!!

  8. Joy D.

    That is an amazing experience. Is the woman pictures with you Oroma from Pop Africana? I am glad you got a lot out of it.

  9. Caddy

    Sounds like an interesting and fun night.

    Personalized touches to the clothes we buy just make them more perfect for us. Great how you addded that strap.

  10. Liza

    I love this collection of pictures! Everything seems to be so perfect– the people, the fashion, the conversation.. I want to be there!
    I love the neon silk Miu Miu dress also, especially paired with the neon green belt dangling from the hanger! And I am obsessed with the yellow bow shoes in the last picture!


  11. Styleabaad

    That vintage dress you’re wearing is so lovely – I just adore long sleeve dresses in the winter! I can imagine that must have been just so inspiring to listen to (André)! And I just would have loved to check out the spring collection, it looks great!


  12. classiq

    For me fashion is art, culture and expressing your own individual style, fashion is designer items as well as high-end street fashion, a mixing of styles in a creative and individual way.

  13. L.

    love the post!
    thanks for sharing the photos! they’re gorgeous! you are so beautiful! your dress is so chic!


  14. Sandra Holmes

    Hanneli, you are so talented and inspiring that it almost hurts!!! Fashion to me is buying cheap and expencive and mix them. Money can’t buy you style that’s for sure. I wished i was there, everyone looks nice and interesting, thank you for sharing.

  15. Peo

    You always take the most AMAZING pictures! I feel that I was there through them. You look stunning, I can’t believe how pretty you are!
    Fashion to me is a way to express who I am. Thank you for asking US what is fashion.

  16. Cristiana Nunes

    Beautiful pictures and made me feel that amazing atmosphere.
    Fashion, to me, is definitely a mean to express my true self but also to make me feel empowered not only as a woman but also as an individual full of creative ideas.
    Fashion is not a dumb thing, as many may think it is. Fashion is art, culture, ideas, human.
    Really loved this post, what you wrote about and that you did ask ‘us’ about fashion.
    Thank you for a work!

  17. Cindy

    For me, there are some major definitions for what is fashion.
    First, fashion is art. The designer’s form of expression, exactly the same way a painter does.
    Then, fashion is also a kind of communication. It gives us the opportunity to say who we are, our personality and opinion, and who we want to be. It expresses values of society and defines generations.
    And last, there is the simple love for fashion! You really can fall in love with a dress, a bag or shoes, which enchant the heart and make you think about it all the time, haha. That’s just wonderful!
    Hanneli, you look beautiful in the photos, the outfit is so gorgeous. I especially love your vintage dress.


  18. mustownmore

    That dress is great – reminds me of Proenza Schouler.

    If Andre Leon Talley is anything to go by then fashion is the same to me as it is to him (apart from I don’t get paid as much) – having fun, playing with your identity and appreciating the beauty and craft of things. Ah…on that note I’m off to stroke a Celine bag.

  19. Ekoas

    Whoa, I’m really surprised that small (but lovely) town like Larvik has vintage boutique. Do they also have men’s pieces? Greetings from Slovenia!