Mariah looks wonderful with the mint colored shirt, the pops of color on her wrist , her Miu Miu shades and Corello bag. She has a really cute blog you can see here.

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  1. Isabelle

    I’m also brazilian and didn’t expect to see a brazilian blogger here.. was like ”wtf, looks like mariah!?”
    come to Rio, Hanneli!

  2. Celia

    A Mariah estΓ‘ linda como sempre! AlΓ©m do extremo bom gosto Γ© mto simpΓ‘tica.

  3. Gabriela

    I recognize the bag!!!
    It’s from CORELLO, a brazilian brand which my mom is the stylist !!
    Love the picture !!

  4. Therese

    Hei Hanneli! Jeg var akkurat inne pΓ₯ camilla pihl sin blogg, og sΓ₯ en video av deg der, og jeg mΓ₯ bare si at jeg veldig godt forstΓ₯r din popularitet! Du virker som verdens sΓΈteste person, med en superkul stilsans, og et strΓ₯lende smil! Lykke til videre:)

  5. luisa

    Io sempre vedo il blog della Mariah! Lei Γ¨ molto carina! Il blog Γ¨ meraviglioso! Ciao. Bacci.

  6. Neda

    I adore that light neon green/yellow sheer blouse; it looks seamless against her skin-tone , as all, quality accounts for prospect too; which in this look , accounts for very much. From the peek of trousers that i managed to zoom; they look perfect with the top; the colours mix effectively; an astounding combination for the seasons upcoming. X Neda X

  7. Aline

    Mariah is one of the best Brazilian bloggers. She dresses herself beautifully. Her elegance comes from birth. Her blog is great to follow. She gives us many ideas not only about looks, but also make up, trips, home decoration and much more.

  8. Mariah

    Hanneli, lov the picture and I loved to meet you at SPFW! You are so nice, pretty and funny.

    Ops, for someone who asked about the shirt, yes, it is equipment!


  9. the style crusader

    the bright fresh colours in this shot are so beautiful! the perfect image to see on a grey london day! makes me yearn for spring and warmer weather. love her layered up bright bracelets! lovely shot. xx

  10. frickys

    Perfect inspiration for this Spring! Let’s forget about plain white shirts and experiment – fuchsia, lime, pink… thank you!!!