You can read about “A Day in the life Β of me” for style.com. It was fun keeping track of my

movements during a day.

Photo: Joris Bruring

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24 Responses to “ME ON STYLE.COM”

  1. Beth

    Beautiful photo!
    You look stunning and that umberella is super cute.
    Of course it goes without saying that your A Wang Studded Coco bag is awesome haha

  2. isabel

    Utrolig fint bilde! Gjorde forresten en liten bildeserie av deg pΓ₯ bloggen, fordi jeg syns du alltid ser sΓ₯ fantastisk ut:)

  3. Emma

    Utrolig stas Γ₯ se deg pΓ₯ bΓ₯de Facehunter og the Sartorialist da jeg nettopp sjekket!

  4. andrea

    hei:) ville bare si at bildene dine er heftig bra, og at bloggen din er en kjempeinspirasjon ! keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

  5. Allegra

    Message from Mexico: an inspiration for us, who wants look “different” for normal days.

  6. Virginia

    Hanneli you’re amazing! it was nice to learn, reading your blog, that even pros like you have to put flats on to run through the underground!

  7. Kiki G

    Really fun to read! I just realised it was you I saw wearing those fantastic light blue Acne boots, AND while on your bike, perfection!x