This is why I had bleached my eyebrows the other day. I had equally fun as a blonde as I normally have being my brunette self. But it was kind of crazy seeing myself looking so different. Dusan Reljin shot these for my vegan and eco-friendly lipstick that I made in collaboration with Zanzuel. The styling is done by the amazing Rebecca Palmer. I put links in the text here but it doesn’t show unless you slide your cursor across and it.

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11 Responses to “ME AS A BLONDE”

  1. Maeko

    I am so ecstatic that you are making strides to make eco-friendly and vegan products way more accessible and widely distributed to consumers!


  2. Helene

    Vegan and eco-friendly lipstick ? Wow, jeg er imponert. Deilig å se samfunnsbevisste folk som er i ”spotlighten”! Hvor får man få kjøpt disse herlighetene?

    Go crueltyfree!:-)

  3. admin

    Wow, all your kind words – I really appreciate it!! Thank you!

    Yes Hannah Rucker, my lipstick is vegan.

    Takk Hanna det var veldig hyggelig å høre.

  4. Andrea

    Beautiful evan as a blonde!
    I’m really jealous of your looks Hanneli!
    After seeing the lipsticks on you I’m definitely buying them!