Happy new year my sweet readers! I hope you had a really nice holiday. I have been enjoying some time off and seeing my family and friends in Norway before I go back to New York. Here is a video from Massimo Dutti that I did this summer. I can tell you swimming in the sea with clothes looks better than it actually feels, ha! But filming it was loads of fun. If you have ever seen the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you might recognize the house in the background.

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89 Responses to “MASSIMO DUTTI + HANNELI”

  1. Andriana Lafayette

    Amazing video !! In a part of the soundtrack, my mind is actually adding the soundtrack of Requim for a dream. Maybe I’m crazy. But I love the dramatic emotions of this shoot, and love the look in your eyese when you watch through the camera lense for a few seconds (the close up).

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    Kind regards Andriana

  2. Jacqueline

    So glad you had a wonderful holiday. Don’t know if you are in New York yet, but it is freezing today. But New York is best in the winter, everyone leaves in the summer 🙂

  3. KK

    In interview you said that you love this blog and this is everything for you. I’m not sure because you don’t write here much. Maybe I visit the wrong blog and you have the other one where you write more posts? I don’t know…

  4. Maija

    Oh yeah, that house in the video seemed familiar in some way! After reading the text I realised that it’s from the movie Spotless Mind…

    I really like your style by the way! You know it’s kinda funny, I thought you were finnish since you have a finnish lastname, but you apparently are not… Well, that’s not a surprise, most of the women in our country are not as beautiful as you. 🙂

  5. Lano

    Så fin video, hvordan liker du at folk fra Norge kommenterer på norske? Eller foretrekker du at de kommenterer på engelsk? 🙂 Digger bloggen din uansett 😀

  6. Prescuis Darling

    What a great little film! They should have made the movie with only you and the cute horseback rider. Happy new year!

  7. Karrie

    You are so cool! You always looks stunning and you are the only person that really pops through the screen. I don’t know how you do that.

  8. sarah

    How is the blonde in the video? She looks like Elin from Norway. (former weather girl) She was always known for her beauty.