I did this video in Marocco before the holidays, and I can tell you that jumping in the pool was far from warm. But I loved biking around in Marrakech and seeing all the places where we filmed.

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96 Responses to “MASSIMO DUTTI + HANNELI”

  1. Teresa

    SUE: I think that the camera is a Nikon FM2 analogic, but I’m not sure

  2. Ingunn

    wow! fantastisk fin film, Hanneli! jeg elsker bloggen din! du er virkelig en inspirasjonskilde. Savner litt oftere innlegg da 🙂

  3. Gita

    You can almost feel the fresh energy coming from that video. Good job, keep on going and never stop :).

  4. Maiken

    En helt fantastisk video! Jeg mener at en blogger må ha kvalitet. Både i det den skriver og bildene. Personlig synes jeg du er en blogger i verdensklassen!

  5. Kara

    This video is beautiful. I was just in Italy last week and I had to make a special trip to Massimo Dutti to try on some of the pieces for myself. Great looks for spring. Thanks.

  6. Sue

    Beautiful!! I love it!!

    Anyone knows what model of Nikon camera that appears in this video?

  7. Poltri

    Jeg må bare skrive enda flere godord til deg. Jeg tror det er et av de beste blogginnlegg jeg noen gang har sett. Så gjennomarbeidet og bra. Jeg beundrer virkelig arbeidet ditt.

  8. Tam Ashworth

    Thanks for being the REAL and BEAUTIFUL YOU, ever so Gracious, Effortless, Chic,
    Unpretentious, One in a Million, Super Star, Stylish, Talented, Captivating, Charming, Genuine and Kind.
    I am so very grateful to have met you at Fashion Week, Hanneli.
    Please keep on inspiring us with your Magic.

  9. StreetLounge

    Very cool and inspiring video 🙂 And take that non-warm-water jump as a sacrifice in the name of fashion 😉 Greet’s!

  10. Natalia

    You are so adorable in this video!! Love your outfits in this video too!

  11. Dwightinha

    Hanneli, du er helt rå!
    Jeg kan forsikre deg om at det skinner igjennom at du er en god og snill person. Alt ved deg og stilen din viser at du har bena trygt plantet på jorden.

  12. Carly

    What a gorgeous video! It was beautifully shot, beautiful styling and lovely to hear you speak Hanneli. You’re beautiful inside and out<3
    I'm setting up a blog right now and you are one of my inspirations! Thank you:)

  13. Siel

    Waw great video!
    But I’m dying to know what brand’s your flowered pants, it’s sooo gorgeous 🙂

  14. Viktoryia

    I loved it. You seem to be so cool, yet simple and most importantly honest. Lykke til med bloggen din! 😀

  15. Gaelle

    Hey, I feel so sorry for your shoes when you jump in the pool. We know your face, your writing craft and photos. It’s nice to hear your voice. Nice video

  16. Anita

    I already saw your picks today on the online shop of Massimo Dutti, you picked wonderful items! I especially love the leather jacket and the flower printed pants!
    As soon as my “until easter I don’t eat chocolate and don’t shop clothes”-time (so in 4 weeks) is over, I’ll definitely check out my local MD store and have a look at their things!

    xxx Anita

  17. Minna

    This was the best blog video I’ve ever seen… You look unbelievably beautiful and I love your accent! There were also some very very nice looking garments in this video… 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend! ♥


  18. Stephanie

    Love the way you explain your aims!!!

  19. Victoria

    wow! fantastisk fin film, Hanneli! jeg elsker bloggen din! du er virkelig en inspirasjonskilde for meg.

  20. kiiyha

    this is a great video! you are a lovely narrator and the clothes are great! looks like a wonderful trip to Morocco!

  21. nadja

    Du er nydelig. Når jeg leste teksten forventet jeg meg noe i mer marrakeshstilen, og du overassker stadig for selv om du sier at du forandrer stil fra dag til dag, mener jeg at denne vidioen viser at du har en helt egen distinkitiv hanneli stil. Og kontrasten til det som jeg kjenner som Marrakesh og som mange gjør når de skal filme i Marocco, er fantastisk!

  22. Alice


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