Me at the Marni perfume launch in New York last night. I am wearing Marni head to toe, except for the bow that is self-made,  a proper DIY. All you need is a ribbon, skills and patience to make a nice bow, safety pin to fasten it, et voila!

Photo by: BFA

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60 Responses to “MARNI PERFUME LAUNCH – NYC”

  1. baltic amber

    Perfume is always important part for men and i like it very much to impress someone we need to take good care of it.This one is best for me and i am really happy to read about this.

  2. sara

    Hello, My girlfriend met a man from Norway two years ago and they now live in Oslo. I will be going to Norway in the late spring. I’m trying to find the book that Jan Werner’s father, Thor Danielsen wrote. “BARE WERNER”. I listen to Jan’s music constantly. xoxo

  3. Kathleen

    Love the ads but the fragrance not so much. I am surprised. It reminds me of the original Coco from Chanel.

  4. Lisa

    Obviously you’re fabulous and your branding and website are very hip, but what I adore the most? No blaring “follow me” or “like me” garbage polluting this site. Instagram seems to be the only outlet for you, if there are others I’m pleased to see it’s tough to find. How I wish my own clients weren’t so addicted to the notion that “fans” equate worth and value.

    You’re a treat to watch.

  5. Ray

    Really wish you blogged more frequently cause you are amazing, Hanneli. You really have a major, unique talent. Lots of love from Sweden