This might sound cheesy, but this guy took my breath away on the fields of Coachella, he really stood out in the mix of girls with furry boots and pasties. I love how he mixed both street and tribal into it and made it work so well. And he is actually making man skirts look pretty good.

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32 Responses to “MAN SKIRT – IN A GOOD WAY”

  1. African

    You can’t group LA and Africa in that sense. Africa is an entire CONTINENT and LA is a CITY. What part of Africa exactly were you referring to? Africa is not some vague continent that only exists (in terms of fashion) through a perceived “tribal” representation. It would’ve been a good idea to ask him where his necklace was from and what part of Africa his facepaint was inspired by.

  2. kylie

    His african jewelry and face paint would definitely make him stand out in a Coachella concert. That is such an awesome sight!!! I wish I was there to ask him why he chose that outfit…

  3. George

    I like the look but let’s be careful not to conflate LA (a city) and Africa (a whole freaking continent).

  4. Ganymede Girl

    I love when guys wear skirts and still look masculine. The best part is the face paint, a little extra touch like that makes such a big difference to the overall look.