My brand new Margiela skirt is my new love at the moment. It has a loong split. I swirled it slightly and put the end on the inside of the lining and it suddenly worked as a short skirt. Two skirts in one, gotta love that. Sweater from Zara, bag from Nina Jarebrink, shoes from Acne, top bracelet by Marianne Tefre for “BY ME”, watch by Dyrberg/Kern and the last bracelet is my boyfriends old one. It was 67F/19C today here in New York, in the middle of November! Strange.

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  1. constance

    I’m in love with your blog, it’s just too cool!
    i like both, you have such great style! I ‘stole’ one of your photo and put it on my blog because i just love your style and i wrote a little text about your style! 🙂 xx

  2. Trine

    WAUW – that look fantastic!!
    I have borrowed the pictures for my own blog (www.presenting.dk) and linked to yours. Is that ok? If you want me to remove them just write to me, and I will do so immediately.

    Great blog! 😀

    /Trine – presenting.dk

  3. jess

    gorgeous! MM skirt looks amazing, and the pale blue acne shoes always look incredible on you.

  4. Sol

    Hvis ikke du vinner costume awarden for beste blogg så skjønner jeg INGENTING!!!!!!