Lulu 4 years old rocking her little 3.1 Phillip Lim dress like the cool New Yorker she is. I love her messy hair!

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77 Responses to “LULU”

  1. Kevin G.

    What an adorable little girl! With those eyes and that extraordinarily lovely skin, she is definitely a model dynamo in the making.

  2. Sofia

    AW! so sweet.
    I love her messy hair too, it reminds me of my own hair when I was little.

  3. Natalia

    This little girl is so gorgeous! So so sweet…and I LOVE that she is wearing 3.1 Phillip Lim!

  4. charlie

    Aaaww… she is adorable. If I ever have a daughter, in the furture, I want her to dress like Lulu. So cute…

  5. Miss Ewig

    She is so cute!! So beautiful!! And yes me to I love that messy hair… She looks great in that nice dress…
    XXX from Spain

  6. Jane

    She’s clearly a future supermodel in the making! I love seeing stylish little kids that still are dressed like children and not like mini-adults.

  7. Mira

    Beautiful Lulu! I vouch for her parents’ beaty -gorgeous family!

  8. Estranged

    She’s got polished nails and I don’t think it appropriate for such a small girl. Apart from that, she looks gorgeous.

  9. anne

    those big brown eyes are gorgeous. really want to see what her parents look like, since that phillip lim dress is very fashionable! she looks so adorable.