This incredible dress is by Australian brand Lover, you may remember that I have another variation by them that is long in the back, which I wore here. The fun thing about lace is that is so easy to pair up with pieces in sturdier fabrics, like heavy knit or thick felt jackets. After the Indian summer during Paris fashion week I’m ready for fall and layering.

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134 Responses to “LOVE IT LOVER!”

  1. Berosi

    Oh! You got the Lover dress! I’ve been in love with it for some time now, especially in black.

  2. iBoutiques

    The asymmetrical flowing laces of the white dress just looks amazingly spectacular and gorgeous. Very captivating wardrobe.

  3. Kristiane

    Den var jo bare helt FAB! Og med de enkle sandalene til, herlig. Litt brudefaktor kanskje, men you pull it off! 🙂 Masse hvite blonder funker ofte veldig bra til brunt/mørkt hår!

  4. Viel

    Å herregud, så nydelig kjole! Og du kledde den jo sånn passe fantastisk bra også, da.. 🙂

  5. Katarzyna

    I really like your hairstyle, like a longer and messier version of the bob you used to wear. Where do you get it cut? Great, versatile one xx

  6. A Girl, A Style

    I could not love this dress on you any more if I tried – you look perfect together!!! I grew up in Australia, and constantly bemoan the fact that it is hard to find a large selection of Lover pieces in the UK. Season after season they put out the most perfect dreamy lace dresses, floaty tops, and cool girl jackets.

    Miss B xx

  7. dana

    this is like, my absolute dream dress. it’s sort of crazy… gah no, totally crazy how much I love it. the super minimal wang heels give the look a cool sort of 90s feel that obviously makes my 90s-child heart go pitter patter.

  8. Natalie

    What a beautiful dress! Susien Chong & Nic Briand always produce such exquisitely crafted creations that seem to capture that balance between delicacy and edge. I am smitten with lace dresses and I love how this one cascades in the front.

  9. Catherine

    I adore Lover’s lace dresses. I remember seeing this one online a few days ago and dying over the beautiful asymmetric hem. Such a twist on a classic! You look stunning here.