This jacket makes me so happy, I love wearing pastel yellow. But sadly it’s not often that I see great pieces made in one of my favorite colors. My love for pastel yellow started when I was about 12 or 13 years old and went on holiday in the south of France with my family. We stopped by the lovely city Aix en Provence, I passed by a shop with a pastel yellow dress in the window and had to go in. I fell in love but the money I had would only get me ice cream and the dress was impossible to convince my parents to buy with parts of the holiday budget. I was sure I would be able to forget it, but even today I think about it. Perhaps my new Acne jacket will help me forget. Gloves by Dents and scarf by Marc Jacobs.

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144 Responses to “LONG LOST LOVE”

  1. Sage

    I love this yellow.. I have been obsession over the perfect yellow dress for a while now. This is my new inspiration!


  2. Harper' Bazaar Greece Katerina Kilidi

    Jacket (parkas) are more than comfort, easy to wear & the bold color like the yellow one is very bright and shinny
    Hanneli you are very stylish!!!!! Very pretty for a brown hair girl xoxo Caterina Kilidi

  3. Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Pastel yellow is such a warm, happy color and I love your jacket. Maybe you should visit the town again in search of the dress. You never know, you just might find it! ^^

  4. Cléo de Lucca

    Love this jacket…
    Is perfect!
    I hope that 2012 is a great year fro you, love this blog…
    Kisses from Brazil.
    Cléo de Lucca

  5. JSaorin

    Hi Hanneli, u’re amazing I love u’re style, i follow u 🙂
    I have a new blog, visit them if u want and can, thanks and happy new year

  6. Minty

    The color of this leather jacket is incredible, especially mixed with the knit


  7. Bretta

    Hi Hanneli! How did you grow out your bangs so well? My bangs are short now and your hair looks so wonderful!

  8. BuyRiftAccount

    Pastel colors are really lovely. I’m into dark ones, but I just love to look at those pastel ones. 🙂

  9. Mia

    Åh vad jag längtar till våren när jag ser din jacka!!!
    God jul på dig Hanneli!!

  10. margarita

    I saw you a few weeks ago in your yellow jacket at mcj cafe, and I fell in love with it 🙂 I didn’t recognize you at this moment, just your jacket looked so good!
    and now it’s so funny to find it here..

  11. Delaney

    I loveee this pastel jacket. It’s gorgeous on you, and you look lovely!
    I’m sure the jacket can be worn with many new things<3


  12. Nicole

    I love your makeup. I’ve been trying to create a glow like that for years and have been unsuccessful :(. Please share your makeup tips!!
    Also love the coat!

  13. Maria Jose

    I can’t possibly say how much I understand you: I’ve been through the situation of yearning for a once-in-a-lifetime, extraordinary buy opportunity, but couldn’t get it…, nor forget it.[Sigh] BTW, gorgeous jacket! Corn-yellow is one of my favorites hues. Besos, María José


  14. Night at vogue

    It’s very lovely indeed. I get obsessions like that one pieced of clothing and will try to hunt them down no matter what. Usually I fail, rarely I find what I’m looking fore!

  15. Jane S

    I love these icy Jordan Almond pastels in the winter time, when the light seems so much sharper and whiter (does that make sense?) I get so weary of seeing an endless sea of black and gray — it already looks like that outside, why not beautify the scenery? The gloves are the perfect accent – one of my favorite colors! I have some Madovas in the same shade – may need to pull them out this winter!

  16. A

    Ohmygod, I’m watching your videos and you couldn’t be more adorable, genuine, beautiful. Your smile is so cute and you’re so funny and nice ! I want to be you hah

  17. JennyD

    You know, there are so many items of clothing I also still dream about from my childhood – usually on holiday in France, like the red bikini with the yellow piping that we just couldn’t afford… I must have been 7. Still it’s motivation no?

  18. Kaki

    I love pale yellow as well, but you’re right – it’s not often that designers use it. This jacket is absolutely stunning; love it with your blue gloves. I think everyone has a moment with a dress like that – for me it was a red dress years ago that was by a major brand but I still have yet to catch it on eBay. Your jacket is beautiful though!

  19. Kristin Hovden Aaen

    You are so beautiful, Hanneli! Everything is right about this outfit!

  20. Sneza

    Can’t you get a reasonable facsimile of your dream dress made?? I mean, you know people who know how to do that kind of thing!

    I’m just so sad you never got that dress :^}

  21. fashion suicides

    Waw, this picture is stunning (your face is so beautiful!). It looks like it’s a picture from a magazine! The mint with the yellow is so beautiful. Oh, and that jacket! Looks so cosy! The story behind your lovely title is so cute :).


  22. Ali

    Aw, you are so beautiful. I admire you so much. You are someone to look up to, seriously, you are so talented. I’m obssesed with your work, with your style, with everything. I hope to be like you someday, you are one of my biggest inspirations.