This incredibly cool hair style created by Guido for Miu Miu FW13 was one of my favorites from all the Fall/Winter 13 shows. If it’s too much for you to add lots of gel and swirl the pieces by the ear, it’s easier to have a hairdresser trim them a bit shorter and lighter to create a carefree and easy version of this.

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  1. Eva

    oh I love Lindsey Wixson! she has such a unique and stunning face, it corresponds perfectly with Miu Miu clothing, which I could describe in the same way.

  2. sara

    Lindsey is so very beautiful, she has the face of a doll,,, pouty lips and all. It’s hard to notice the make-up around her eye, just beautiful.

  3. Maya

    That’s a good hair trick. Thanks Hanneli! I will ask my hairdresser to do your suggestion. They have iPad at the salon I go to and I always point to your blog and your hair.

  4. Jenny

    I wonder if there is a way to wear the makeup too but without it being that much. Any ideas?

  5. Fashonlovesusall

    FAB!!!! This is a GREAT shot Hanneli! Xoxo from your number one fan

  6. Celine

    What cool hair! I seen you wear this type hair long time ago at the Vogue poncho story you did. You inspire everybody Hanneli!

  7. Ally

    You have such an eye for details and inspiring things! You rock!

  8. Marte

    Beautiful Wixson rocked her embellished dress that day, and Miuccia showed how perfect she can execute prints. And not least, as you said, Guido Palau made the models hair outstanding cool ,as he always do!