I love this dress by Cos. Please Cos can you open shops in New York and Norway?

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40 Responses to “JUST COS’”

  1. Jasmin

    Love it too, ane here in Switzerland we also have no Cos Store..but I think this one would be a easy DIY project? 🙂

  2. Tonje

    Hanneli! Jeg kunne ikke blitt mer enig!! denne kjolen er helt fantastisk! Såå fine lommer da.

    tumbs up to cos in norway!

    xx T

  3. Victoria

    Jaaa, elsker den butikken=)men Hanneli, jeg savner veeeeldig bilder av deg og dine antrekk!!!

  4. MJ

    Beautiful dress!! Wish there was a store in Canada too ! We’re always late in terms of nice fashion stores 🙁



  5. koko // res pulchrae

    for realz. new york could stand to lose a few h&m stores and have them be replaced by cos stores. i mean, there’s almost as many h&ms as there are starbuckses!


    I saw this in the store! So so pretty 🙂 I can’t believe we in Belgium got lucky & have no less than 3 COS stores…!