Simple yet extremely cool, I love the legging underneath the jeans. Julia Sarr Jamois style was impeccable every day during fashion week. I think her secret is to look uncomplicated and understated with a fun or interesting detail. And I love her hair! It’s such a fresh look. I saw the very interesting documentary “Good Hair” by Chris Rock the other day and it must be so much easier and for that matter cheaper to keep it natural, I would if I had hair like Julia.

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34 Responses to “JULIA OH JULIA”

  1. Keith

    Amazing outfit just effortless…Julia OH Julia will you marry me?
    please say yes 🙂

  2. SnowBlack

    So true. I Love her hair. Though sometimes it’s not the case with black models. They either have to be bald like Alek Wek or have extensions like Naomi Campbell seeing as a lot of the time it’s “easier” for stylists to work with. Sad but true.

  3. Aja

    Honestly, it depends on your grade of hair and the length, whether or not natural works for you. I think if my hair were natural it would look like a hot mess. It’s different for every person. She has beautiful hair though.

  4. Serena

    she’s gorgeous! she seems like one of those woman who just exudes elegance no matter what she wears. I really like how she paired feminine boots with the more masculine shapes of her outfit.


  5. Carlotta

    The only thing i would change to this outfit would be a deeper v-neck! But i love the outfit, the colours, and the hair, of course!

  6. Ellie

    Simplicity and originality – very few can pull that off. What a beautiful, beautiful woman and look. I find “on the street” real people much more inspiring than catwalk models for some reason.

  7. Oda

    I en periode hadde jeg tenkt å ta permanent for å få håret sånn. Hadde vært så deilig å kunne ha det sånn hver dag:/

  8. Comme Coco

    Great hair! I love love love her attitude!

    I tried a jacket that is similar to that one at Zara, I wish it suited me, but, alas, it didn’t :-).
    I’m a parka girl!

    Lovely post, as usual!