I love her sophistication mixed with the green hair. This could have easily tipped towards looking emo, but the simple outfit colors and very light makeup makes it look extremely cool and chic.

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40 Responses to “JADE”

  1. julia

    This is stunning, one of the most beautiful looks from the fashion week i can stop looking at this picture!!

  2. kels

    i secretly love this trend. i came back to school this year and all the girls had pink or green streaks in their hair! i don’t understand how i was so late to pick up on it…haha

  3. Tonje

    Interesting. I really love her look. It`s a unique combination, wich I bet is a great inspiration for girls out there.

    xx T

  4. mam

    I adore THAT! vurderer litt å gjøre det samme faktisk, bare med blått hår 🙂 men jeg har eg spørsmål til deg, hanneli;-) jeg lurer litt på om du opplever det å jobbe innen motebransjen veldig tøft? Da mener jeg ikke sånn at man må jobbe hardt, men er folk ofte bitchy? Litt rart spørsmål, hihi, det er bare det at jeg prøver å finne mitt framtidge yrke, og fashion interesserer meg! Men å jobbe i et dårli miljø, nei, det orker jeg ikke.
    P.S. du er dritkul 😀

  5. antonova alisa

    love the way she presents herself. especially the way she holds her hands.
    this is a great mix of modest old fashioned/ good girl gone bad style… it’s the old fashioned that saves her from looking emo.
    love the way her natural hair gradually flows into green.

  6. Tonio



    She is like the personification of quija, or something fashionably evil.

  7. Liya @ state of sunday

    i love what she is wearing.. very clean cut. Sometimes i feel i got the short end of the stick so to say because i could never do that with my dark dark hair! it looks like fun

  8. Catherine

    The green hair is a wonderful touch! She looks very classy, and I love the way she uses her hair to bring a bit of something modern and bright to such a dark (but nonetheless beautiful) outfit!

  9. Clara

    Absolutely in LOVE with this look. Love how its so simple and it’s just the little details that make her stand out.