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42 Responses to “INWEAR + HANNELI”

  1. Sara

    My favorite part is at 00:26, you’re running at the camera. I wonder if this is how I look to my Vizsla dog when we play catch. LOL !!! Being 30 years old, are you going to make plans for children in near future?

  2. Diana Pim

    What a great model you are ! Love the film and all your moves. Congratulations !

  3. amanda kay

    the song is free flow by slow magic. you can listen to them on band camp!

    wow. the use of time lapse in this video makes it so effortlessly beautiful!

    hanneli. please continue to inspire in your oh so genuine fashion!

  4. Anna Caroline

    Eg elske det Hannli! Drømmeverden! Håbe livet behandle deg fantastisk- der ser sånn ut! 😀 Ha ein awsomeness helg! Store knib frå Norge og fan Caroline som du møtte utenfor TriBeCa når du hadde fordrag for Gateway!

  5. Caroline

    Hanneli, you are one of the most beautiful girls, I’ve ever seen! <3
    This video is gorgeous, and I love your flying hair 😀 Even with so much hair in the face, you accomplish looking beautiful 🙂
    I saw a part of this video outside city hall in Copenhagen last wednesday 😀 To my very surprise, I must say ;D


  6. Elise

    As always, you look absolutely stunning!

    And did you know, that you are currently making Copenhagen even more beautiful, decorating the prominent facade of the big InWear store, right in the centre of the city? To me, it only seems fitting, as this way, you are still a part of our fashion week, in a strange way..! 🙂