Tonight the incredible photographer Sølve Sundsbø showed his new installation in collaboration with W Magazine, hosted by Stefano Tonchi, and I was there. Two 53 ft/16 m tall screens were placed parallel on each side of  a big open space, showing the moving installation featuring Lara Stone in bits and pieces with various styling and effects. It was extremely intricate and I was sure it must have taken weeks to film all the pieces, but to my surprise Sundsbø told me he filmed it all in a single day. And in a couple of days there will be an app with the installation coming out available on iTunes.

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  1. Sarees

    i saw the pictures here the other day and found them so amazing…these compositions are fantastic photo.

  2. Julia

    Hi Hanneli! This installation is absolutely incredible!! You are so lucky you were able to see it in person! It was a pleasure meeting you today and thank you again for allowing me to photograph you, you can check it out here if you have a minute,

    Have a great fashion week!


  3. Leonora

    That’s pretty amazing. Those moving images must have been awesome.

    I went to a show in London last Autumn with the Lazrides Gallery and saw Doug Foster’s moving exhibit there. It was utterly spellbinding. This is the link to it…

    When is the app coming out on iTunes and what’s its name, can’t seem to find it? x

  4. Yvonne

    Very ethereal. Nice creative work. Your blog is beautiful.

    I started a new blog on fashion and women who inspire style- I invite everyone to
    visit. Yvonne.

  5. LeA

    WOOOW! great, i love. love the colors, the ideas AND the model: Lara Stone! She’s the greatest.


  6. Sarees

    They’re stunning! Seeing them.Excellent job done by photographer..The pictures are outstanding. The colors are unique.

  7. Rachael

    beautiful and inspiring! thanks for posting!

    come check out my blog! it’s in need of some more lovin’!

    xo from savannah, georgia.

  8. Renate

    Wow, I can’t believe you’re in the New York Times! That’s awesome, congrats on that and the Vixen Award! You truly deserve it!

  9. Carolinas Couture

    I’m stunned, it looks amazing…I’m impressed it only took one day. Wish I had attended the event. Lara is one of my favortie models. I send you my best wishes Hanneli, I love your blog!

  10. petra

    love it. he is one of my favourite photographers, and he never fails to amaze me!!! thanks for sharing!

  11. merci pour le venin

    i saw the pictures here the other day and found them so amazing i had to post them on my tumblr. he really did a fantastic job! can’t wait to see the moving installation.